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Life below the surface of the water

EarthX Founder Trammell S. Crow and Future 500's Bill Shireman
Texas Legislative Review Panel in Dallas: Lead Contaminated Drinking Water Panel
EarthxFilm 2019 Finalist "Arctic Adventure" by Grace Sullivan
Deploying Water Technology & Giving People Access to Clean Water


Climate Change poses serious risks to present and future generations and action on climate is critical.

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EarthX Featured Climate VideoClimate

Adrian Shelley Public Citizen on Climate & Youth Rallys


Society's rapid urbanization presents both opportunities and considerable risks to sustainable development.

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How Cities are Addressing Climate Change


Water is our world's most precious resource and the way we manage it will affect nearly every aspect of our future

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EarthXInterview: Paul Watson


Protecting our planet has never been more important and environmental awareness is critical.

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EarthX Earth VideoEarth

The origin of EarthX


The current rate of traditional energy consumption depletes our natural resources and contributes to harmful emissions, degradation of the ozone layer, and climate change.

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Energy Featured VideoEnergy

Susan Eisenhower