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Millions of plastic particles are being plucked from the water

Check out this article on microplastics from The World Climate Forum. #Article #Ocean #WasteandRecycling

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Coral reef taller than Empire State Building is first discovered in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for 120 years

Read about this 1,600+ ft Coral Reef - Credit: The Independent #Water #Article

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Saving Our Oceans from Plastic

Content provided by our friends at Real Leaders. #Video #Climate #Water #Ocean

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EarthxOceans: Shark Conservation

Prowling at the top of the food chain, sharks maintain the balance of the ocean ecosystem. Without them, lesser predators would deplete herbivorous fish that modulate the abundance of plant life. Yet an estimated 100 million sharks are killed each year—almost 11,000 per hour—usually by...

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Sustainable Fisheries Report

Sylvia Earle, renowned marine biologist and oceanographer, once called oceans “the real world bank.” She cautioned that people were making many more withdrawals than deposits. On June 10, the second day of the virtual EarthxOcean conference, Lelei LeLaulu moderated a Sustainable Fisheries...

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EarthXOcean 2020: Celebrate our Ocean Planet to Awaken Ocean Conservation

Whaling, climate change, habitat loss — these are only a few challenges facing our oceans. Research and preservation may seem like the only steps required to progress — but public awareness and advocacy can build the momentum needed to turn the tide. During EarthXOcean 2020’s virtual session, ...

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Ocean Plastic Solutions

Like too many other dire challenges to Earth’s natural systems, plastic pollution in the oceans is visible, immense, and defies ready solutions. Nearly 400 million metric tons of plastic are manufactured annually, according to various market analyses. As much as 13 million tons of...

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EarthXOcean 2020: Protect the Ocean’s Life Support Systems and High Seas; Preserve Life on Earth

The average person may imagine the high seas as rough waters, vast highways for whales and sharks that stretch across plains of rock and sediment… an empty deep blue — certainly not coral reefs, mountains, and sea beds teeming flora and fauna. But they should. This year’s EarthXOcean 2020...

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30% by 2030: A Plan to Protect the High Seas

The world’s oceans are the lifeblood of all life on planet Earth. And it is widely known the oceans are under attack across a range of environmental issues from climate change leading to warming oceans and acidification to overfishing to widespread pollution in the form of toxic spills and...