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Astra to launch Earth-observing satellites for Planet in 2022

By Mike Wall Two Bay Area startups will work together to get satellites to orbit next year. San Francisco-based company Planet has tapped Astra , which is based in the East Bay, to launch some of its Earth-observing spacecraft in 2022. "We are thrilled to be working...

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Monarch Butterfly Population moves closer to extinction

Researchers in California are seeing record low Monarch Butterfly populations this winter, hinting that their extinction may happen sooner than expected. #Earth #Article #Wildlife

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Measuring the True Cost of Conservation

This article details an interview with Boston University's Christophe Nolte. Nolte has developed the first high-resolution land value map of the United States. Check out how this break-through is being used to illustrate economic and ecological trade-offs, inform policy decisions, and more. ...

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EarthX Founder Trammell S. Crow on Real Leaders Podcast

Content provided by our friends at Real Leaders. #Earth #Podcast #Activism

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How to Grow Food Out of Thin Air

Content provided by our friends at Real Leaders. #Earth #Article #Agriculture

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March for Science Global Youth Forum: What Can Youth Do to Save the Planet?

In the wake of a global pandemic, climate action may feel futile. Most of the world’s inhabitants are stuck inside for the foreseeable future, meaning that in-person demonstrations are impossible — at least for now. The global economy could be entering a years-long downturn, with less money for...

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EarthxE-Capital 2020: How Can Cleantech ‘Reset’ After COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic is ushering in could be a years-long economic slump, spelling trouble for consumer confidence at least for some time. Startups and early-stage investments are being hit particularly hard, as unknowns linger over when projects can break ground again, or when facilities can...

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Earthx2020 Presents EarthxLaw: What Does the Environment Look Like on the 50th Earth Day?

A Look at the Past, Present and Future of Environmental Law The world we live in today is completely different than the one we lived in 50 years ago. From social norms to a more dynamic economy, we have made huge strides. Perhaps one of the largest shifts has been environmental quality....

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EarthX 50th Celebration of Earth Day

EarthX and The National Geographic Society Celebrate the 50 th Anniversary of Earth Day with Earthx2020 Earthx2020 Addressed Today’s Most Pressing Environmental Challenges through Virtual Conferences, Film Festival and Youth Programs from April 16-27 th . DALLAS (May 5, 2020) –In...