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Astra to launch Earth-observing satellites for Planet in 2022

By Mike Wall Two Bay Area startups will work together to get satellites to orbit next year. San Francisco-based company Planet has tapped Astra , which is based in the East Bay, to launch some of its Earth-observing spacecraft in 2022. "We are thrilled to be working...

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Google Maps to Start Showing Eco-Friendly Routes

An interesting article from BBC Environment. #Climate #Article

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Kenyan woman finds a way to recycle plastic into bricks

An amazing story of ingenuity - Kenyan native Nzambi Matee creates building materials from plastic pollution. #Article #Sidebar #WasteandRecycling

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Millions of plastic particles are being plucked from the water

Check out this article on microplastics from The World Climate Forum. #Article #Ocean #WasteandRecycling

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Monarch Butterfly Population moves closer to extinction

Researchers in California are seeing record low Monarch Butterfly populations this winter, hinting that their extinction may happen sooner than expected. #Earth #Article #Wildlife

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This state-of-the-art indoor farm is transforming Appalachia into an agricultural powerhouse

Read more about how a small start-up is using less land and less water to produce fresh produce without soil by using hydroponic technology. #Article

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Biden plans to Move Fast with a "Climate Administration". Here's How...

With the inauguration quickly approaching, here's a preview of how the new administration plans to address climate change. #Article #Government/Policy

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Measuring the True Cost of Conservation

This article details an interview with Boston University's Christophe Nolte. Nolte has developed the first high-resolution land value map of the United States. Check out how this break-through is being used to illustrate economic and ecological trade-offs, inform policy decisions, and more. ...

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Coral reef taller than Empire State Building is first discovered in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for 120 years

Read about this 1,600+ ft Coral Reef - Credit: The Independent #Water #Article

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The hidden strengths of freshwater mussels

Content provided by our friends at Knowable Magazine. The humble bivalves can clean polluted water and bump up diversity — but in dammed rivers and fouled watersheds, many species face extinction. With help, maybe they can save themselves. Spending most of their lives buried in...