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Monarch Butterfly Population moves closer to extinction

Researchers in California are seeing record low Monarch Butterfly populations this winter, hinting that their extinction may happen sooner than expected. #Earth #Article #Wildlife

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This state-of-the-art indoor farm is transforming Appalachia into an agricultural powerhouse

Read more about how a small start-up is using less land and less water to produce fresh produce without soil by using hydroponic technology. #Article

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Biden plans to Move Fast with a "Climate Administration". Here's How...

With the inauguration quickly approaching, here's a preview of how the new administration plans to address climate change. #Article #Government/Policy

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Measuring the True Cost of Conservation

This article details an interview with Boston University's Christophe Nolte. Nolte has developed the first high-resolution land value map of the United States. Check out how this break-through is being used to illustrate economic and ecological trade-offs, inform policy decisions, and more. ...

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Coral reef taller than Empire State Building is first discovered in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for 120 years

Read about this 1,600+ ft Coral Reef - Credit: The Independent #Water #Article

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The hidden strengths of freshwater mussels

Content provided by our friends at Knowable Magazine. The humble bivalves can clean polluted water and bump up diversity — but in dammed rivers and fouled watersheds, many species face extinction. With help, maybe they can save themselves. Spending most of their lives buried in...

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Betting on Bats for genetic treasures

Content provided by our friends at Knowable Magazine. Bat genomes are full of clever tricks that are treats for biology and medical science — it’s why scientists want to sequence them all. Most of us think of bats only when it’s time to decorate for Halloween. But a large group of...

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At San Diego’s Frozen Zoo, a chance for animal immortality

Content provided by our friends at Knowable Magazine. The cryobank is a rich source of genetic knowledge of hundreds of creatures. It may one day be used to bring endangered species back from the brink and deepen the gene pool of wild populations. The last male northern white rhinoceros —...

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This California Highway is Now Paved with Plastic

#Cities #Article #Innovation #CitiesandInfrastructure