Rakesh Vazirani

a) 15 years of international experience establishing solutions for 'Product Environmental Compliance', and 'Responsible Sourcing' while living in 3 continents.
b) Program Leader for addressing DETOX/ZDHC Sustainability Initiative for Textile & Footwear supply chain with a multidisciplinary team.
c) Contributor at UNECE WP.6 (Regulatory Cooperation & Standardization policies).
d) Experience speaking at global conferences. (UNECE, ICPHSO, EU DevDays, Avantex, TIWC, ..)
e) Led Development of IT-enabled solutions for transparent and traceable supply chains to fulfill requirements of Eco-Design and Product Traceability for Food and Electronics Industry.
f) Led development and Roll-out of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions for GE Aircraft Engines, and Linde.

Competence & Passion: Product Traceability, Water Stewardship, Enabling Sustainability, Chemical Stewardship, TRUE Zero Waste.