Carolyn Appleton

I have many years of hands-on nonprofit fundraising and communications experience across Texas. A great deal of my prior work has focused on supporting wildlife habitat, conservation, wildlife research and K-12 environmental educational programs. One of my prior success stories involved opening the North Texas office of the Nature Conservancy of Texas in the mid-1990s in Dallas. You can read about that effort on Carolyn's Nonprofit Blog.  My thanks go especially to Robert L. Thornton, III and the late Richard C. Bartlett for working with me side-by-side on that effort. I also served two consecutive four-year terms on the Governor-appointed commission, the Texas Environmental Education Partnership Fund Board (focused on K-12 science-based environmental education), in partnership with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. My commission archives are found in the Texas State Library and Archives.

Today, I work statewide and beyond from my home office in Bee Cave, Texas in the Hill Country. I am the lead volunteer organizer of the NTEN & NetSquared Nonprofit Tech Club Austin and the volunteer Twitter manager for Citizens' Climate Lobby Austin @CCLATX

You might enjoy reading, "Gadgets Are the Root of All Evil?" on Carolyn's Nonprofit Blog, which shares a winning case for support for the Dallas Zoological Society. Today, I urge colleagues working with zoos and similar organizations everywhere to "steal" the idea, smiles. I also share a tribute to the late Rusty Rose on, "A Brief Account | George Plimpton | Of Birding and Baseball (and Conservation)."

I do wish the late Bunker Sands was still with us, as he was an early advocate for carbon sequestration. And never forget, some of the earliest "conservationists" in Dallas include Caroline Rose Hunt and her family, the late Robert H. Dedman, Sr., and Fred Trammell Crow. Someone needs to talk and write about them for sure!