Dr. Jagjit Singh Sehra

Dr. Jagjit Singh Sehra is a well-known face in the industry of thermal energy. He is a specialist in the field of Water and Energy. For the past thirty-eight years, he has been in some of the other ways was associated with the above subject. A born innovator and is glad to help humanity by giving easy solutions to problems.
Today our planet is suffering from environmental damage. In the past, we went easy and short cut solutions in the industry. It may be disposing of air, liquid, or gas. Our message is based on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji a Sikh guru. He's one of the main teachings is 'Pavan guru paani pita, maata dhart mahat ...
Air is our teacher, Water our father, and they are serving our great mother earth. It is very painful to see, how the human race has misused these valuable resources that are given free to us. At CST Associates it is our prime mission to see whatever we do it has to save water, energy, and the environment.