Randy Boys

Currently addressing future optimization and resilience of the electrical Grid as a member of Oncor's Strategy & Technology team.  Ops manager for the Oncor SOSF microgrid, providing not only site resiliency to a primary 24/7 response center, but also a testbed for assessing changes that Oncor may make to the Grid infrastructure, or how Oncor will respond to increasingly participatory 'Prosumers' (i.e., producing ​consumers), increasing renewable energy content, and changing market conditions.

This 'Smart Grid' is an obvious element of future 'Smart Cities'.  EVERYTHING comes back to energy.  Read Richard Smalley for the best argument on the topic.  Without addressing energy cost and equality, you can't fully address water, food, environment, poverty, terrorism/war, disease, education, democracy, or population.

Proud owner of an EV, and will bend anyone's ear on the many societal and personal benefits that will come from increased EV penetration on our roads.  Don't even let me get started on Surface Level Ozone and its health impacts in urban settings, the mitigation of which can be addressed only by transportation electrification, or stay at home bubbles of existence.

Randy has authored papers in distributed energy resources, artificial intelligence, distributed human-interactive simulation, EEG and functional lateralization of the cortex, electrophysiology of the eye, human factors, human/robotic interfaces, psychopharmacology, psychophysiology, and statistics.
Randy is an avid participant in anything involving the outdoors, and is active in both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, including as Scouting focal to the City of Allen.​