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Citizens' Climate Lobby Austin

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    Posted 03-15-2021 10:45
    March 15, 2021

    I wonder what EarthX Earth Day 2021 will look like? Some of us in the Austin chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby have been hankering to get outdoors and do some "tabling." It looks like Austin Community College is hosting Earth Week (April 19-23), which is entirely virtual. If EarthX is online, I wonder if we could have a CCL "panel" discussion online. There are some important legislative efforts underway and it would be good to education and engage.

    I curate the Austin chapter Twitter feed - here is a list of the primary Texas handles on Twitter so you can follow: CCLATX, CCLDFW, CCL3rdCoast, CCLHouston and the national office is citizensclimate and cclconservative. I think a mixture of political viewpoints makes some sense.

    Also, I just made a website to feature our letters to the editor. Writing letters is a big component of our volunteer efforts in Austin. But as you know, no media outlets provide distinct URLs for sharing individual letters. So we are tracking and posting for ease of sharing.​ 

    Keep me posted! I think a CCL discussion would make a lot of sense this Earth Day.

    Carolyn Appleton
    Austin TX