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Lawyers working on climate science

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    Posted 04-13-2020 11:35
    Hello all,

    Glad to be part of the forum! I'm wondering if there are any other law firms or lawyers here working on climate science issues. I've personally been quite interested in the subject since I joined The Long Now Foundation some years back, but much of my interest has been purely personal and has shown itself in lifestyle choices (recycling, gardening and composting, etc).

    Taking it to the next level, I implemented a number of changes at my law firm Creedon PLLC. We began using only post-consumer recycled paper, ordering organic foods for our kitchen, and involving the team in more community service projects. This culminated in us applying to become a Certified B Corporation this year.

    I'd now like to connect with some larger projects that the firm can assist professionally. Although only a few of us have a hard science background, I'm confident we could make some significant contributions. We've been told that the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund would be a great match, but I'd be grateful for any additional ideas.

    Thanks, team - look forward to meeting some of you when we get past the current situation!

    James Creedon
    Managing Principal - Creedon PLLC