League Open Forum

  • 1.  Project Drawdown

    Posted 04-16-2020 06:40
    On March 18, 2020 @Rare_org and #virtualSXSW hosted ​a Zoom webinar and chat on 7 actions, "key to moving the dial on climate change." Rather than pointing out the lobbying efforts and large scale corporate activities that might be curtailed or "drawn down," the focus of the conversation was on ways ordinary citizens can help us get back to the goals of the Paris Agreement like adopting a plant-rich diet, buying carbon offsets and investing in such projects as @Carbonfundorg,​ and contracting for green energy.

    Perhaps rather than getting too abstract during EarthX, more focus might be placed on actual things each person can do to help. In addition, the list of "solutions" offered by Project Drawdown are comprehensive and insightful. As Brett Jenks noted during the March 18 discussion, if we could get even only 10% of Americans to adopt the behaviors proposed, we could make a dent in carbon emissions and get us back on track to where we should be with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

    I would also love to hear more about @Carbonfund.org, how it works and how everyone can participate.

    Carolyn Appleton