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Prioritizing sustainability issues

  • 1.  Prioritizing sustainability issues

    Posted 05-13-2020 15:12
    Hello everyone, 

    I am curious to hear from everyone on something - which sustainability issues need to be more highly prioritized or integrated into global climate and energy dialogues? Why do you feel that way?

    Kellen Klein

  • 2.  RE: Prioritizing sustainability issues

    Posted 05-14-2020 10:06
    Plastic. It causes so much trouble. We all know that. 

    But it isn't a recycling problem because we have only figured out how to re-use about 2% of it.
    The rest ends up dumped...and finally ends up in our food chain (which means its in so many animals food chain killing them more quickly.)

    The oil industry that creates plastic campaigns for us to believe it is simply a recycling problem. They get huge subsidies. They won't stop creating this or tell the truth on their own.

    It is simply an improper thing for us to be creating in the first place.

    We need to stop plastic production as soon as possible. Lots of things to solve to do this but it is critical. 

    Cynthia Norman

  • 3.  RE: Prioritizing sustainability issues

    Posted 05-20-2020 16:20
    The pollution caused by plastic is definitely a problem. Until we replace the convenience of plastic with a sustainable alternative, the production of plastic will never stop. I'd love to see how we can educate people on creating less waste in a way that is not considered a hindrance for them.

    Jonathan Ong

  • 4.  RE: Prioritizing sustainability issues

    Posted 05-14-2020 11:25
    Factory Farming and Eating Meat.

    Do not get me wrong, I do not allow single use plastic in my classroom, but the animal products industry is absolutely destroying this planet. 

    The amount of water, pesticides, vaccines, viruses, health conditions associated with consuming animal products, and so on that come out of factory farming is immeasurable.

    Think about how many pandemics we've had in the last 20-years all tied to the meat industry. 

    What will it take for humanity to learn from these pandemics?

    Genevieve Ma'yet