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Low Carbon in the time of COVID19?

  • 1.  Low Carbon in the time of COVID19?

    Posted 03-19-2020 10:24
    Hello! Amid all of this coronavirus craziness I'm struggling to be as sustainable as I want to be. I've ordered in several times to support local restaurants, but realized that creates a whole lot of takeout waste.  Styrofoam. Ouf. I also ordered groceries for the first time and felt terrible about how much plastic and paper came along with it. On the flip side, I'm not driving or flying much these days. How are others thinking about sustainability right now? Are you finding new and interesting ways to shrink your footprint? Or are you taking this time to expand your mind on sustainability issues? Tips and resources appreciated!

    I hope everyone is healthy and well.

    Julia Pyper

  • 2.  RE: Low Carbon in the time of COVID19?

    Posted 03-19-2020 11:00
    Hey there! In uncertain and unprecedented times like these, living sustainably takes on a bit of a different tone. Personally, I think this lifestyle adjustment has led to both improvements and drawbacks. For example: I'm driving less but using more water; producing less food waste but more packaging. Simple deeds like using natural light to brighten a dim room or using natural soaps / cleaners help me live a little greener while working remotely. Are there additional efforts you could recommend? How about any educational publications to dig into in our free time? Open to suggestions!

    Connor Follis
    Dallas TX

  • 3.  RE: Low Carbon in the time of COVID19?

    Posted 03-24-2020 07:23
    I enjoy cooking from scratch, it reduces packaging waste, eliminates food waste and we compost.  We have no food waste with my three sons now at home, our household went from empty nest back to full house!    I take cloth bags for produce instead of using the grocery store's plastic bags.    I agree about the takeout  waste, we decided to order out over the weekend and while supporting a local restaurant, I hate throwing away styrofoam.

    Karen Fleig • EarthX
    Director of Marketing and Communications

  • 4.  RE: Low Carbon in the time of COVID19?

    Posted 04-21-2020 17:10
    Through a newspaper article I found a restaurant whose catering kitchen prepared family meals for pick up. Their proceeds were keeping their staff going and supporting out of work wait staff with free meals at lunch for their families. The best part about the family style to go meals was that the packaging was very limited and in reusable/recyclable foil pans (appropriate for heating up in the oven). I am reusing those when cooking my own meals, and when they are no longer serviceable I will be able to rinse and recycle the aluminum. Check with your locally owned restaurants to see if they are doing the same, or might consider it.

    Julie Winchell