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Mass Transit

  • 1.  Mass Transit

    Posted 05-14-2020 09:57
    Hi EarthX friends! 

    How can the DFW region band together to provide a truly regional and affordable mass transit?

    Lori Delacruz Lewis

  • 2.  RE: Mass Transit

    Posted 05-17-2020 07:04
    @Lori Delacruz Lewis   Contact Ron Powers, who lives in the Texas Hill Country, and pioneered the advanced vehicle design consulting industry in Southern California and led it for 45 years. His company is Powers Design International. He also has a company called American Transit Vehicles, Inc., and one called SWEEP. He was part of a group of companies that designed and engineered a Group Rapid Transit system, and showed a working, 1/4-scale model, to transportation planners from all over North America 20 years ago. They all said show us a working, revenue-producing, full-scale operation and we'll be interested.​ Of course the companies who designed and built the 1/4-scale model didn't have the money to do that, without public entities buying in.
    That's why you don't already have an elevated, bi-directional system of automated, super-lightweight (10,000-pound), streamlined, 30-foot-long coaches that carry 30 people, are solar powered, have all stops on sidings so others can keep going, can maintain close spacing so the system can carry huge numbers of passengers during rush hour, and fly past the stop lights and stop signs below them.
    Near the time of the show, someone estimated it would cost a fourth as much as elevated light rail. It was designed with a steel guideway. We would build it with a composite Bosch Captive Column (see and explore www.CaptiveColumn.com) guideway at much less cost and with much greater strength. I worked with inventor Lawrence R. Bosch for most of 10 years, so I know it works!
    Ron designed vehicles and tooling, and set up factories and trained the workers to be world-class assemblers, all over the world. He is the perfect person to do it for DFW!

    Mark Roest