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Welcome to the League!

  • 1.  Welcome to the League!

    Posted 03-02-2020 09:11
    Edited by Annie Moncure 03-02-2020 15:34

    Welcome to the League everyone! Join us in commemorating the 50th year of Earth Day by taking the ultimate challenge and making a personal commitment to do your part to achieve lasting change. To help you do this, we’ve launched EarthxLeague, a brand-new community designed especially for you and your fellow Earthlings to stay informed, in touch and fully engaged in actions towards a more sustainable future.

    To start off, I’d love for you to answer one of these questions below!

    1. What’s your favorite aspect of Earth Day?
    2. What’s a major industry challenge that you think deserves more of the public’s attention?

    I am so excited to hear from all of you!

    Tony Keane
    Dallas TX

  • 2.  RE: Welcome to the League!

    Posted 03-02-2020 15:38

    Hi All,

    Thanks for kicking us off, Tony! My name is Annie Moncure, and I am your League Community Manager. Basically, I am here to make sure the League is a space for and by our members like you. I am super passionate about how we can help protect the planet, and I am excited to hear more about all of the great work our League members are doing. Tony, to answer your questions - 

    My favorite aspect of Earth Day is the collective focus on environmental solutions. The entire world takes time to acknowledge the environmental challenges we face today and discusses how to best address them. A major industry challenge I think deserves more attention are public parks and green spaces. They are so important to a city's resilience, and I always love going to a well maintained park in my hometown! Proper planning, management, and promotion of these areas should be a major public focus – because we all play a role in process for the parks and natural area projects in our region!

    Annie Moncure

  • 3.  RE: Welcome to the League!

    Posted 03-03-2020 13:32
    1. What is your favorite aspect of Earth Day?

    I love that it's a non-divisive national day where anyone can make their own version of an impact - big or small - that nurtures the Earth. It's not just a day for "tree huggers" but for everyone! 

    2. What's a major industry challenge that you think deserves more of the public's attention?

    It's a challenge for consumers to understand what eco-friendly even means in a lot of respects. I think we still must overcome a huge education/information barrier in this industry before we can even start to communicate the solutions.

    Sarah Bloodworth