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  • 1.  EarthX Oceans

    Posted 06-09-2020 14:17
    June 9, 2020

    Just a brief email and thanks for EarthX Oceans. I will be watching while working online, smiles.

    I just wanted to point out Barney Farley's 2002 book, "Fishing Yesterday's Gulf Coast," the sale of whose proceeds benefit the Harvey Weil Sportsman Conservationist program of Rotary Club of Corpus Christi. Follow the link to read my full review on Goodreads. 

    "The decline in fishing is caused by several things. The principal reason is the scarcity of food. Everything from mites to elephants and from larvae to whales must have food to survive. For us, bread is the staff of life. For fish, it is shrimp. If we are to have good fishing, we will have to provide this food as well as other necessities." And a bit further on, "Therefore, people must help replenish nature's store, which we have so thoughtlessly removed, if fishing is to be enjoyed in the future." 

    Today along the Texas Gulf Coast, Port Aransas is fighting with the Port of Corpus Christi about an expansion project that could damage the waters and coastline in and around Port Aransas. If anyone has any clout with the Port of Corpus Christi, the time is nigh to speak out and help this little community that is fighting a giant.

    Best wishes!

    Carolyn Appleton