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  • 1.  Nanoplastics

    Posted 06-22-2020 06:14
    Probably my biggest concern are the nanoplastics gathering at the bottom of the ocean alongside the diatoms that supply most of the planet's oxygen and form the bottom of the food chain. As they settle back down after their trips toward the surface, they are consumed by the next organisms in the chain, and those by the next, and so on.
    What might be done?

    Sallie Pine

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  • 2.  RE: Nanoplastics

    Posted 07-01-2020 05:27
    Hello S. Pine: Removing the plastic micro-nano-particles appears to be technological challenge. I found the ocean has a mechanism that can be mimicked- Seafoam (wikipedia.co). Pumping air into the depths of the ocean with an enviromentally friendly surfactant/soap would attract- the microplastic particles would stick to the soapy bubble and be carried to the surface. At the surface the top foot or two of the man-made Seafoam would be skimmed off into a chamber or holding bladder that allows the excess water to drain through a sand bed filter that captures the plastic micro particles, oils, fuels and any other item that does not belong in the seawater. The idea would expand to using some of the older electric submarines that are for sale to go to 1000-2000 feet and vacuum the plastic micro particles from these areas. Using water jets to stir up areas of the bottom vacuum the plume into a holding bladder to separate the plastics from the seawater. All this takes a few billion $$, some adventuresome people. www.globalcoolingproject.com, more details available by email. There is hope we can solve the global warming crisis, we have less than 10 years, we can do this, if the human collective aggressively focuses on solving the global warming crisis. This is a simplified answer to a complex global problem, I hope this give you some ideas on what can be done.

    John Harris

  • 3.  RE: Nanoplastics

    Posted 07-01-2020 10:27
    I've read about a number of "solutions" to try, but not that one. Thanks!