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Water sustainability

  • 1.  Water sustainability

    Posted 03-04-2020 10:38
    Where does water sustainability fall as an environmental priority? Is it top 10? 

    Mark Kovscek

  • 2.  RE: Water sustainability

    Posted 03-05-2020 11:57
    I would have to say on the first cut, that in general it's a top 10 and pretty near -if not at- the top.

    That being said, it would depend on the use of "sustainability" .  Would like to have a little more definition on that.  Sustainable for who/what ?

    Amy Hays

  • 3.  RE: Water sustainability

    Posted 04-29-2020 15:22
    Water quality is at the top of the scale for me!!

    Candace Chandra

  • 4.  RE: Water sustainability

    Posted 05-13-2020 13:59

    Broadly, water would certainly be a top 10 environmental issue globally, and it is one that is tied directly to climate change. Water scarcity as a result of changing weather patterns is one of the biggest risks, fueling the urgency of the greenhouse discussion.

    Unlike climate change, however, water stewardship becomes a local issue very quickly when you're talking about tactics and impacts. Whereas any reduction in carbon by any entity anywhere has a global effect, water programs tend to benefit the local watershed.

    When talking about collective and individual actions, things are equally complicated. There are a lot of small steps individuals and companies can take to minimize water use, and those are good as far as they go, but as with carbon, there's a lot of evidence that individual action isn't enough. Some companies don't have material water impacts and are in the same boat as any individual user, but some industries are unique burdens on the water supply and may need to take a more active role. 

    And, really, "water" in this case refers to fresh water for human consumption and agriculture. Ocean conservation is a whole other thing entirely!

    Jason Grissom