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Reducing plastic in makeup and food

  • 1.  Reducing plastic in makeup and food

    Posted 06-24-2020 10:07
    Hello everyone! 

    My biggest challenge in the world of ocean conservation right now is the use of plastics in food packaging and cosmetics packaging etc... I want to reduce my usage but to do it in a way which is easy for a busy working mum is hard. Often the price point of more sustainable brands which are conscious of their plastic usage is higher, which when you have a large family, limited income and need to buy a lot of stuff can be prohibitive. I think it needs policy change from governments to force producers to use less packaging and sustainable packaging, but also to encourage companies developing sustainable packaging with grants for research and development so that the replacement is commercially viable.

    I am developing a small scale organic cosmetics brand and would love to find more sustainable ways to store and package my products. Sometimes plastic is the only solution, or more sustainable interesting new packaging products are more pricey and have higher minimum order quantities which is ok if you are a huge brand. However, small brands who want to produce more localized, sustainable, organic products can find it hard to find some of the new eco packaging solutions available to them without the economies of scale and large buying power of larger corporations.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? How can I try to reduce my plastic usage while still being financially conscious? I am excited to hear everyone's thoughts!

    Claire Spiller