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Is Green Finance ready for Better World ?

By Rakesh Vazirani posted 01-05-2021 03:54


Facts First, then Quiz

1) Climate Change due to human activities is real, Inequality is real

2) Of the world's $80 trillion economy (WEF), financial services are linked to 20% of the GDP. Depositors and borrowers are many #entrepreneurs belonging to the economic sectors that are positively or negatively affected by climate change

3) Over 500 policy instruments that address ESG factors exist now. Taxonomies and definitions of sustainability vary greatly across industries and geographies

4) Investors are now seeing huge opportunities in Climate Action

5) Financing "Climate Mitigation" and a "Just Transition" is a viable option for Financial Institutions

Factories will need access to finance to purchase Better Chemicals, implement GMP, Integrated Water Management, Integrated Waste Management to safeguard workers and environment, and manufacture Better Products.

Mainstreaming Sustainable Finance

a) Should the above investments reduce ESG risks, banks could offer #GreenFinance with lower interest rates; and Insurance companies could have a lower premium.

b) To mainstream GreenFinance, it'll be imperative that especially SMEs report consistently and transparently, either with GRI or lightweight options such as "The Sustainability Code" for quick decision making of Financial Institutions.

Try this #GreenFinance crossword quiz to test your knowledge.

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