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People of color face more pollution. This study was still a surprise.

By EarthX Stories posted 05-07-2021 13:42


By Hiroko Tabuchi

It’s well known that people of color in the United States suffer from pollution exposure much more than white Americans. Now, a new study has shown just how broadly those disparities hold true.

People of color in general, including Black and Hispanic people and Asian-Americans, are exposed to more pollution from nearly every source, researchers found.

The study builds on a wealth of research that has shown that people of color in America live with more pollution than their white neighbors. But the findings still came as a surprise to researchers on the project, who had not expected the inequalities to span so such a broad range of pollution.

“We expected to find that just a couple of different sources were important for the disparate exposure among racial ethnic groups,” said Christopher W. Tessum, who led the study. “But what we found instead was that almost all of the source types that we looked at contributed to this disparity.”

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